Minority Pul Alliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

PUL represents Power, Unity, Leadership.

MPULA is an organization that serves as an advocate for and assists in developing minority businesses throughout Northeast Mississippi.

MPULA can help your business by exposing you and your business to new opportunities, methods of doing business in this twenty first century, also making you aware of your surroundings, assist in building relationships, assist in creating means of access to capital, market, managerial and technical knowledge.

The Minority PUL Alliance attracts members simply by the impact it has on the developing of minority businesses throughout Northeast Mississippi, through workshops, seminars, webinars, training sessions, and networking.

Because there is no other organization in Northeast Mississippi that has the ability to assist minorities, and promote developing minority entrepreneurs, allowing them to become competitive in their field of vocations, assist in elevating the existing minority businesses, networking opportunities, and is connected to other State and National Minority Entities. The Minority PUL Alliance is a one stop shop, which will prevent you from traveling long distances to receive information to include training. MPULA has what you need to develop your business to a level that allows you to become competitive.

MPULA has helped many minorities to understand their weaknesses and strengths, allowing them to build a competitive business and not just a business that will operate like a mom and pop business. MPULA has also assisted Toyota tier one suppliers in bringing in strong minority managers and supervisors.